Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Started classes today


The wife talked me in to going to classes to be a Virginia Master Naturalist. Basically after you are trained and certified you are an official unpaid employee of the state of Virginia concerned with wilderness, wildlife, and water. Upon completion of the class you could do anything from taking samples or counts of species and uploading them in to the states database to giving classes to students on a hike in a state park. I personally am not sure I would like to do either of those things but being able to recognized tree and flora native to Virginia and helping eradicate invasive species sounded more up my alley.

I have always loved Virginia as it has all (4) seasons, usually in equal parts, and Virginia has everything from oceanfront, to bays, to large rivers, to mountain ranges with almost 16 million square miles of forest. I have always loved being in the woods and the current house sits in the middle of 20 acres of woods so almost everything I learn could be beneficial to me on my own property.

I was not too stoked going in to the class but after seeing we are going to be working with the top experts in the field (a different one every week) along with in-class field trips it is sounding pretty interesting, Stay tuned.

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