Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why did I wait to buy an instant read thermometer?

I have a variety of probe and stick thermometers that go in to oil, candy, and meats. I saw these years ago but was thinking, "I am not paying $90 for a freaking thermometer I can buy for $20!"

A few weeks back when I was at the BBQ competition I noticed many of the "pros" had them. I got talking to one guy and he was saying how he has had about every thermometer made in the last few years and nothing beats these things. He said he has dropped it a few times and it has not broken but, if it did break, he would run out and buy another one.

O.K. you talked me in to it.

Just got mine in today and happen to have country style ribs on the smoker. Not my usual thing but they were on sale and why not. Right?

Since I had not cooked these type of ribs before, in beef format anyway, I was a "bit" concerned and really wanted to know how far along I was. Wholly cow! How awesome it was to get the temp of each one of the ribs and close the smoker in less than 30 seconds (because you get an accurate reading in < 3 seconds).

If you have the need or want don't hesitate.

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